A couple of years back I took a leap.
I can't pinpoint an exact moment, but somewhere I started to free what lives inside of me. A truth I can sometimes feel but don't always recognize or acknowledge. As I experimented, I tried to capture and mold this feeling into a logical thing. A story to justify my existence. A story I could make a living from.

I don't want to make a living anymore.

Over the last years I was involved in the Heartworkers project, I taught Qigong, co-organized gatherings and workshops—e.g. Into Space and Free with Money—to share in what makes us come alive, took people into nature, and wrote.

In 2014 someone asked me: 'Where do you want to grow?' This is what came up: to trust, to let go of whatever form I'm trying to create, to allow myself and things to develop in flow instead of in a mental cubicle. 

More than a year later, together with two friends, it came to this: to recognize my mission, no longer as a dot on the horizon but as a point within me. Dynamic, alive, changing. True to what feels natural. Always here.

mundo times 5

My intention now is to create space.
Because I don't know how life works. I discover every day. What I have is experiences, encounters and inspiration. I wish to share what I see and meet, to give from my gifts, to allow all that keeps us from being fully alive to dissolve, and to restore what is natural — in and around ourselves.

Using technology as a friend, I hope this space will give us something beautiful. But mostly I'm just going by what feels right. 

Looking back to who I was six years ago, six months ago, six weeks ago, I feel that telling you who I am fixates what is always changing. I prefer sharing where I am now and what got me here, through this open letter and through other stories from the road.

You're welcome here. I'm curious what you will find. Feel free to get in touch.

A big hug, Mundo

P.S.: the photo you see at the top was taken by my friend Thijs Heslenfeld. What he sees is what you get.